September 11th, 2002

The Little Ballerina Shark

In the middle of San Jose, right next to the Fairmont Hotel, was a statue in a fountain... A statue of a shark dressed as a ballerina. It felt as if it had fallen out of some alternate universe childrens' story. Quite cute, in a strange way. Maybe it was the braids, or the little skirt, or just the yellow ballet shoes on the outstretched fins...

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It turns out that this was a remnant of a 2001 art festival, similar to the Cow Parade, called Shark Byte that had been across the entire city of San Jose.
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Another new moon (perhaps)

Scientists are speculating that a recently discovered object may be Earth's third moon. See this article for more details. It's not very big, but doesn't appear to be space junk...

(To be honest, even though it's a major site in Stephen Baxter's Manifold: Space I hadn't realised that Cruithne was anything other than a NEO asteroid. Check the link for some Java simulations of its complex 1:1 resonant orbit.)
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Restarting the book reviews

There's a bit of a back log on the review front, due to holidays and worldcons. Hopefully I'll be starting to post some of the backlog this evening and over the next few days. So if it suddenly looks like I'm reading more than usual, remember it's actually two weeks when I read less!
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