August 29th, 2002

More fun in the Bay and the Valley

Tuesday, marypcb and I spent exploring more of SF (after another brunch at Cafe Flore!) This time we went by bus to Golden Gate Park, heading down Haight. There were lovely houses all along that route, and the weather was glorious. We had a happy few hours wandering round the park, including the Japanese tea gardens. We took another bus on out to the Golden Gate, and into the Marina district, before traveling up over the hills again, and back to Rick's place. The MUNI buses are excellent, and well worth the extremely low fares. London really needs to take a leaf out of the San Francisco book and roll out electric trolley buses - with front bike racks.

Rick took us on to our next port of call, rowanf's house in San Jose. We're going to be staying here for Worldcon. And there's wifi, so the iBook's online... We had dinner that night in the local Mexican place, just round the corner.

The next morning oceandreams turned up to take us to her old stamping grounds in Berkeley. It's a lovely place, and we pottered round second hand bookstores and cafes, along with detours to parks and gardens. We also spent some time in a second hand record shop...

As our native guide had a massage appointment that evening, marypcb and I took the opportunity for a soak in a hot tub. It was nice and relaxing. We certainly slept well last night.

Today the con starts...
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