August 8th, 2002

London doesn't like the rain...

...or at least it doesn't like over an inch in half an hour or so. Yesterday's thunderstorms managed to significantly disrupt the transport infrastructure. I'd experimented with taking the Croydon tram back from Bromley and ended up getting stuck at Wimbledon, as the District Line had been struck by lightning - frying the signalling. But at least I was able to get home, unlike feorag who was on a train to Luton Airport that was going precisely nowhere.

Luckily autopope was able to change her ticket, and we ended up with an unexpected evening visitor. It was a good excuse to try out the new food delivery menu that had just dropped through our letter box - something that promised to be a decent looking San Francisco-style burrito vendor. It was. So Mexifresh in Sheen now ends up on our regulars list - 20 minutes delivery and huge burritos made with organic ingredients for a very reasonable price. And it's vegetarian friendly.
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