August 5th, 2002


The coming soon page for Imagination E2 is now up. It should be available round about Worldcon.

"Gorillas" is a story of post-singularity Bristol, and a group of unlikely bridge builders. In order to build a bridge on Mars, it's time to rebuild the Clifton suspension bridge. It's part of a future history I've been playing with for some time, which now includes another two (nearly finished) short stories and a novel outline.

I'm planning on finishing the other two stories by the end of the summer.
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    voices in the Blue Room

The world turned upside down...

...the new Future Sound Of London album The Isness has songs, guitars and strings (and a few samples)...

But it's good. And certainly worth the time it took to record (if anything it sounds like they've been spending the last 5 years listening to Indian classical music and early Camel). But their style in track naming hasn't changed...
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    FSOL - The Isness - her tongue is like a jellyfish