July 6th, 2002


What is it with gummitch's parties, me and serious limb infections?

I mean, I took all the precautions possible, even avoiding the tube completely. But here I am, two weeks later, having to go to Saturday emergency surgery, and ending up with a big box of hefty looking antibiotics. And all it took was one teensy weensy little horse fly. I put antiseptic on it at the time, and looked after it carefully, until I even thought the bite had cleared up. But on Thursday morning a huge red blotch atarted walking down my arm, in a rather disconcerting manner. The doctor at TecEd must have thought it was an allergic reaction, and gave me some sort of cream (between his English and my Spanish I'm surprised we got that far). However, while it dealt with the original swelling, it really didn't seem to be helping me get better. So I took the first opportunity to visit my doctors' practice to get another opinion... "Oooh", she said (starting the familiar diagnosis), "That's a nasty looking case of cellulitis".

Next time I go to one of gummitch's parties I'm going to wear as much protective gear as possible. Or else get my amputations in early...
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