May 2nd, 2002


My father rang the other night, to let me know that the man who'd been one my most influential primary school teachers had died at the weekend. He was the man who taught me "never assume", and encouraged my delights in general knowledge and reading.

On a small island like Jersey, people like him have a disproportionate effect on the population. I know I won't be the only person who found themselves thinking back a quarter century or so to their memories of him and his teaching. I guess the UK government's advertising for new teaching staff isn't so far from the truth - you never do forget a good teacher.
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Does Humour Belong in Electronic Music?

My friend DJ recently introduced me to Baxendale. There's a certain level of whimsy and humour in their songs that has to be heard to be believed. And the nerve to sing in French.

Just check out the lyrics to their songs...

"I've got a brand new t-shirt
you're going strolling down the internet
you understand the networks
I haven't got to grips with pacman yet"

"allo m. flic-secrete,
avez vous une poste vacante,
pour une fille comme moi
c'est un role que je veux jouer,
je peut descendre
ceux que je veux tuer,
transgressante la loi"

Just remember - it's not all music for girls...
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