April 22nd, 2002

Monday morning...

...and my hate for the District Line continues. Due to problems on the Richmond Branch my 40 minute commute took an hour and a half. I'm still unsure why the Upminster to Richmond line affects the Wimbeldon to Edgware Road line so much - especially as they only meet at Earls Court. So I used alternate route #3, and came via Westminster. thinking about it, a Piccadily line diversion via Green Park might have been better, as my train sat for ages at Earls Court as "there was a big gap behind it".

While this did mean that I could spend my journey reading the copy of Charlie's short story collection Toast that Amazon kindly delivered this morning (and thanks to Charlie for the name check!), it also meant that I arrived into the office somewhat more frazzled than I wanted - and also to discover my desk being taken apart as part of the office renovations that are happening as we consolidate onto a single floor.

So I'm now on set up on another hotdesk, logged in and fired up ready for another day...
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Why you should vote...

Low turn out due to voter apathy lead to this in France...

With local elections due in the UK next week, and the BNP and other extremist groups fielding more candidates than ever, perhaps this will help people to remember that voting is a responsibility that matters more than ever.
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Last Weekend...

Well, the weekend passes as quickly as it comes.

Saturday was the Worldcon 2005 open meeting at the Dead Nurse. No surprises there, it was full (well, 2/3 empty, really) of the usual suspects. Mary and I won the quiz, and lovely Worldcon T-shirts through forcing the audience to do charades. They kept us laughing, and confused Vince and AAA enough to give the dynamic duo a convincing win - despite failing on the fandom questions. (Memo to self - answer "Walt Willis" to all fanzine questions and "Adelphi" to all con questions...)

Sunday was Mary's birthday. We drove down to Brighton for the afternoon. the weather was lovely, and the bluebell woods in Surrey and Sussex were beautiful. I took a somewhat circuitous route, avoiding motorways and finding "scenic" roads where ever possible. Brighton was its usual self - crowded and hot. We sat on the beach and threw stones at the waves, drinking iced teas. The traffic was dire, so the route home was circuitous but with added scenery points - especially thanks to the light evening. The view from the top of the South Downs was spectacular, as was the A27 down to Arundel Castle.

We ended the day with dinner at our local North African restaurant. It does the most amazing (and filling) couscous and tagines. And the most unusual North African wines to go with them. Last night we decided to try Algerian, a rather smooth and flavoursome red that went well with softly spiced lamb. Mmmmm.
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