April 14th, 2002


Well, yesterday was the combined BSFA and Foundation event "Signs of Life". All in all an excellent day, with lots of good discussion and very interesting presentations by the guests. I suppose you could think of it as a small one day convention...

I got up, did mail and stuff, before grabbing a tube round to the Friends Meeting House in Euston, where the event was being held. I was a little late, and the first panel was already well under way when I got there. An interesting discussion on the Artheur C. Clarke award, it turned into a general investigation of the role of SF awards. Very interesting, and at times a little controversial.

This was followed by Gywneth Jones talking about her writing as Ann Halam, and talking as Ann Halam... to a class of year 7 kids. A different approach to teaching people about how writers work, and how it's possible to encourage good structured plotting at an early age. Great fun, and wrapped up with a reading from her newest Ann Halam novel Dr Franklin's Island.

The BSFA AGM took us up to lunch. After its speedy conclusion tamaranth and a crowd of folk filled into the cubbyholes at the Head Of Steam at Euston. Good beer and slow food... Mary joined us there.

Lunch was followed by an interview with M. John Harrison. One of my favourite writers, especially his book Climbers, he spent over an hour discussing influences and directions in his writing. Sensibly, I avoided asking the cat book question... swisstone arrived during the talk.

Andrew Butler ran a quiz in which Foundation trashed the BSFA. Then again, I think Roger and Simon could have possible beaten the audience...

Back to the Head of Steam for more beer (oh, I do love a CAMRA pub), before adjourning to an italian restaurant for pizza, pasta and good conversation.
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I'm displacing

I know I am. I should be writing about TransformerFactory and XSLT using JAXP, but I'm tired and feeling slow. I've only written about 600 words in the last couple of hours. Yes, some of that time has been doing research, but I should be faster.

I've also: run the Windows update on this PC, added the latest version of my favourite CD player application (OrangeCD), listened to the new Boards of Canada CD, played 3 games of Freecell, chatted to friends on a private IRC server, and written this...

Ho hum. At least Futurama was funny.

And the drive to and from Swindon was fun (especially the return across Salisbury Plain and past Avebury and Silbury, then up through Savernake Forest to Andover).
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