April 7th, 2002

The first entry

Well, here I am. Thanks to tamaranth!

It's been a long day. While I got up early to work on this month's ADA column, I ended up tweaking a PHP development environment to make sure I got my code right. So not too much writing done...

However, Mary, tamaranth and I took a nice long Sunday drive down the Kent coast to Reculver for a walk on the beach. It was one of those cold early spring days, where the sun breaks through the clouds occasionally turning the grey North Sea gold.

Reculver is an old Roman fort, topped by the ruins of a C16 abbey. The beach itself is a mix of stone and clay. We walked along it, looking at the driftbrick and the shells, before turning back to the car park and a quick drive into Herne Bay for a slap up feast...
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