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  • Sun, 12:56: RT @JerseyZoo: 🎃 Jersey Zoo pumpkins for sale 🎃 Help us out this Halloween by purchasing a Jersey Zoo pumpkin, grown organically on-site…
  • Sun, 14:59: Recent Reads: The City In The Middle Of The Night. Charlie Jane Anders' anthropological SF explores a tenuous human presence on a marginal world. Unrequited love leads Sophie on a journey with strange friends, stranger allies, and a new humanity. Fascinating, dark, and wonderful.
  • Sun, 17:45: K day approaches...
  • Sun, 20:13: Reading @Ben_Aaronovitch's False Value and got confused by the name Peter Grant used for a roundabout on the A3. No one round here talks about the Stag Lane roundabout, so Iooked on a map. Ah; it's the Asda roundabout...
  • Sun, 20:41: RT @KCLoadLetter: weak sauce
  • Sun, 22:44: RT @code: ICYMI: VS Code now officially supports @Raspberry_Pi too! 🍰 ➡️ Download the Linux ARM and ARM64 builds here:
  • Mon, 11:03: What if Battlestar Galactica was the Golgafrincham B-Ark? I mean, why not? It explains the end of the TV show *and* the Cylon Plan all in one go.
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