Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

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  • Wed, 20:26: I used to write electromagnetic finite element analysis code. It would have been so cool to project a transient field mesh onto a physical object.
  • Wed, 21:56: "The sky above the port was the colour of television tuned to a dead planet."
  • Wed, 22:47: RT @JonathanStrahan: Coode St 511: Cecelia Holland talks about the smoky conditions in northern California, the joys of research, her new n…
  • Thu, 00:28: So I'm currently reading a SF dystopia set in 2020 and I'm thinking that its surveillance panopticon seems pretty good right now...
  • Thu, 10:39: I really hate scam callers. Especially ones that are clear;y out to defraud people.
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