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  • Thu, 19:12: Oh no, we are running out of last Ignite's TimTam delivery.
  • Thu, 19:14: RT @WinObs: Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams is now generally available
  • Thu, 19:25: Kevin O'Donnell Jr's 1986 SF novel ORA:CLE seems apt for these times: in an enforced social isolation lockdown the future equivalent of a Wikipedia editor must track down a government conspiracy without leaving his home. And all because of a mislabeled piece of ceramic...
  • Thu, 20:10: RT @MSFTResearch: The Microsoft TileCode app lets you design, code, and play games directly on low-cost gaming handhelds or in a web browse…
  • Thu, 20:23: RT @TheAdamBr: New blog clarifying how to call Windows apis in NET5 preview 8 using the TFM. Also shows how to multitarget your PackageRefe…
  • Thu, 20:38: New Ninja Cat in the house...
  • Thu, 20:51: Wear the mask over your nose and mouth, not over your eyes.
  • Thu, 20:56: I suspect someone has taken over @RAF_Luton's account and they're signalling to us that they need help. That's two accurate photo descriptions today!
  • Thu, 22:58: RT @gmerin: It's Thursday and it's #SurfaceDuo DevBlog day :-) This week we're calling all #WebDevelopers with our latest #SurfaceDuo #Dua
  • Thu, 23:58: RT @pdcawley: I will be delivering on the promise implied by the title of my first mini-album, 'Isolation Sessions #1', because tomorrow I…
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