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  • Thu, 10:09: In today's minor moment of "let's start the day off with a triumph, however small", all three smoke alarms are correctly interconnected with glowing green LEDs. The one at the top the house had come disconnected from the circuit and I was able to work out which wire went where.
  • Thu, 10:15: Also my first batch of stickers from #pyod arrived, with some extras! @LuiseFreese @eliostruyf. Now the en-stickering can begin!
  • Thu, 10:43: RT @le_jerriais: la piqueniqu'thie = picnicking (action) eune piqueniqu'thie = a place where the action of picknicking takes place (i.e. a…
  • Thu, 11:27: RT @aptshadow: The Doors of Eden is officially out in the UK today. In the US I think you can get the ebook and (now or soon) audio version…
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