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  • Mon, 17:22: RT @panos_panay: Very pumped to introduce @amanda_lango as the new lead for the Windows Insider Program. Not only do I truly believe in the…
  • Mon, 19:17: RT @IanColdwater: If you enjoy horrible geese, attacker user stories, and pro-diversity propaganda, here is the video of my KubeCon keynote…
  • Mon, 20:54: Dell Mobile Connect running on my iPhone with screen mirroring working.
  • Mon, 20:57: RT @ChromiumDev: 🙌Shout out to PWA Builder (@pwabuilder) - They shipped a new release, using @workboxjs under the hood for some of offlin…
  • Mon, 21:00: RT @TheRichWoods: Installing Dell Mobile Connect on a non-Dell PC just requires you to scroll down a bit. This is amazing lol
  • Mon, 21:01: RT @EmmaBurnell_: When this is over, I'll be having my celebratory pint in a Fullers - not a Wetherspoons.
  • Mon, 21:01: There's the Hammer. Now we wait for the Dance.
  • Mon, 21:02: RT @ToughSf: Giant ekranoplans from the Myasishchev Design Bureau. I can't tell how serious they were; the scale of the Energia rocket show…
  • Mon, 21:09: RT @tnewtondunn: What is staying OPEN: * All roads and rail lines, so workers can get to and from work if they can't work from home * Super…
  • Mon, 21:11: Odds on supermarket delivery services being nationalized next week?
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