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  • Thu, 12:08: After the great sparrow die-off a few years ago we had none around here; not surprising as numbers fell by around 7…
  • Thu, 12:17: So Johnson's kipper story was bunkum; much like his "journalism" from Brussels...
  • Thu, 12:39: It seems like a day that needs hummingbirds. Sadly this picture will have to do. Salivating Salvia #flickr
  • Thu, 13:58: RT @mdowd: Now that Alan Turing is on the 50 pound note, they should rename ATMs to “Turing Machines”
  • Thu, 14:00: So in a couple of years time, if I have 5 �10 notes or 10 �5 notes will they be Turing complete?
  • Thu, 14:03: And there goes the regular Thursday Chinook, bumbling up the river.
  • Thu, 14:05: Not quite good news, but a step on the road to it.
  • Thu, 14:10: RT @whereistanya: Good advice from @while1malloc0 on building an intentional code review culture, including what to do about conflict in co…
  • Thu, 14:11: RT @MicroSFF: A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged. "Greetings," it said, "um. We apologise for abducting your leader. We did not notic…
  • Thu, 14:28: So here's a question. Does anyone do a stand that holds a Surface Book in easel mode (with the screen rotated and f…
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