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  • Wed, 14:51: RT @katebevan: Techie folk, my lovely colleagues at @WhichUK would you like to get all Votey McVoteface for our awards 👇👇👇 https://t.co/nQu
  • Wed, 17:17: Recent Reads: Magic For Nothing. Seanan McGuire's latest inCryptid novel continues the war between the Price-Healys… https://t.co/bEzmOOeBvg
  • Wed, 17:59: Azure Container Instances now GA. They're also cheaper than the preview, with no creation fee.… https://t.co/aolWdyqVS0
  • Wed, 18:06: There's new Strangers in Paradise? I missed that Terry Moore has gone back to Francine and Katchoo? Well, I guess… https://t.co/GDbIuVFjnv
  • Wed, 18:21: RT @migueldeicaza: My friend @s_delcroix prototyped a GraphQL binding for Xamarin.Forms, would love to hear what folks think about this: ht…
  • Wed, 18:48: Seattle-area friends: a quick Build-related query. After the last session on the last day a bunch of us go out for… https://t.co/7YZ2FQBoYB
  • Wed, 18:51: RT @retrohistories: “If they use the Spinal Tap analogy, we fire them.” Microsoft appoints an expensive market research firm to come up wi…
  • Wed, 19:00: RT @molant: Edge Dev Tools updated independently of the OS via the Microsoft Store and support for remote debugging via the Edge Debugging…
  • Wed, 20:34: I guess I need to ask Father Christmas about a Subject Data Request early; I'm guessing a lot of people will want t… https://t.co/uuK4zxaMbm
  • Wed, 20:56: RT @marypcbuk: Why Microsoft Has Bet on FPGA Computing to Infuse Its Cloud With AI : I got to talk to @dcburger about how Catapult and Brai…
  • Wed, 21:30: RT @iangriffin: One of the joys of living on the Otago Peninsula this time of year is that my drive to work coincides with dawn. Which mean…