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Run away...

...very fast. It's the Lionel Fanthorpe quote generator. One man and a thesaurus, and a fixed word count...

Helen Powell kept her head and began working away bravely at the gag. She was glad that she had washed her cardigan in soft, gentle soap flakes, in accordance with the instruction on its ticket. She would not have fancied chewing her way through wool that might have been flavoured with powerful detergent!

Projection Infinity
Writing as Karl Zeigfreid

Maginty was singing; at least he thought he was singing. His mouth was opening and shutting and a noise was coming out. The noise was not all pitched on the same level and to that extent, at least, it would probably be true, if not musically accurate to define the sound as singing.

Dark Continuum
Writing as John E. Muller

It was like going for a ride on the back of an animated haggis.

Galaxy 666
Writing as Pel Torro
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