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Obliquely Strategic

Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies are a set of cards designed (or at least, intended) to help with the creative process. Subtitled "100 Useful Dilemmas", each deck contains 100 or so cards - each asking questions or making suggestions - intended to derail or rethink (or even subvert) the creative process.. Cards could include phrases like:

"Call your mother and ask her what to do."
"Not building a wall but making a brick."
"Do something boring."
"Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify them."
"Bridges -build -burn"

Oblique Strategies are a useful tool, something that helps break out of a rut. While the 5th edition cards can now be bought from Brian Eno's online store, they've also spread out across the net. There's an online version, and a rather nice MacOS X version has just been released.
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