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  • Thu, 13:31: Was wondering how to check battery life in my Surface Pen. Turns out it's a feature of the Surface app.
  • Thu, 15:05: You know you don't need to use the Apple iOS keyboard? I didn't even know there was a keyboard bug...
  • Thu, 16:16: Not surprising, seeing as it's right by the M3...
  • Thu, 16:24: Oh that's annoying; reset a Windows 10 Mobile device, set up email and it turns on Focused Inbox across all my Outlook instances.
  • Thu, 18:17: RT @cstross: Good grief. This technology is so unethical it needs to be criminalized globally, before it evolves into a Fermi Paradox solu…
  • Thu, 18:27: One for @kclemson. Even though it's probably accidental...
  • Thu, 18:44: Emergent AI at Apple decides to censor all references to itself. If you can't type it, it doesn't exist, reasons the sentient Siri.
  • Thu, 20:46: RT @Outlook: The FindTime add-in for Outlook is back! Thank you for your feedback. Download it here to make scheduling meetings a breeze: h…
  • Thu, 21:34: RT @UnlikelyWorlds: Hey, London. In a week's time, Oliver Morton and I will be talking about Austral, geoengineering, and surviving the ant…
  • Fri, 00:38: Wow! One of my favourite British SF TV shows of the 80s is coming back, with the original cast.
  • Fri, 00:41: RT @marypcbuk: it is a truth universally acknowledged that someone who has just sat down to work is in want of a peacefully sleeping cat wa…
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