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The traditional weekend update...

Last weekend began badly. The District Line to Wimbledon melted down on Friday evening, leaving me with what ended up as a two hour journey home on a mix of buses and tubes - at one point having to back track several stops to even begin to make some progress. What's the point of living inside Zone 2 if that's the sort of service you get? At least there's a decent view from the top of a number 14 bus...

Saturday was fairly quiet. I spent most of the morning being extremely geeky, and continued with the endless task of retagging the MP3 collection. At least it's nearly done now. I also replaced the PSU on the transmitter for the wireless speakers in the bathroom. Next task is to find some way of scripting an MP3 player and sticking a PDA friendly web interface on it, so we can do wireless remote control of the music collection while in the bath... Ah, the delights of truly superfluous technology! Brain freeze was achieved at Starbucks, thanks to a trial of this summer's non-coffee frappucino "chocolate malt". Not bad, though I do wish they'd keep seperate blenders for the non-coffee drinks.

marypcb and I went round to a friend's for an evening of chinese food and bad movies. The chinese takeout from McChina was good - especially the deep fried smoked chicken - and the movies were definitely bad. Especially Red Zone Cuba, the MST3K version. Normally MST3King improves a bad movie, but it didn't work this time! Still, I've ended up having to hit Play with an order for Black Books and Clerks: The Animated Series...

Sunday was a DIY day, and we rehung the pictures in the kitchen, and increased the shelf count on the Ivar stack. So we actually have two empty shelves in the kitchen! We've been steadily increasing shelf count over the last year, and it's really made a difference to the available surface area. The only problem with the last adjustment was that we couldn't hang the big print of Day and Night, but yesterday's rehanging has put it in its rightful place. It's been in every kitchen we've had since Bath, so it's nice to have it back.

Then it was time to watch some of the buffered Buffies on the Sky+ box. So I'm nearly caught up now, as I've seen up to the end of "Entropy". I'll watch some more tonight...
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