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Sliding Doors...

...or, "New Adventures In Self Storage".

Sydney Bristow wouldn't have any trouble getting into the Battersea storage warehouse we're using as a temporary replacement for our loft.

Unfortunately I'm not Sydney, so I can't use SD6's amazing gadgets to zip over the fence, climb up the roof, disable the alarms with a modified mobile phone, before dropping down into the corridor, and leaving a box of unwanted wigs in her storage locker.

Instead, I have to remember a 6-digit number, and then have to type it into a keypad to open the gate and get the car into the compound (as an aside, it's amazing just how much you can get into a Puma with the rear seats folded down). Then I use the number again to get into the building to pick up a trolley that I can load up with the contents of the car. Finally it's another keypad, and a glacially slow door slides open, letting me into the storage area. In front of me are wide expanses of corridor, waiting for me to wheel my worldly goods down the painted floors. At least the locker has a padlock rather than yet another keypad...

We've taken a high locker, which is a larger space than you'd think, but you do have to climb a ladder to get to the door. It's a bit awkward if you want to get a fireplace surround up the ladder and in through the door (don't ask, but it's nice, shiny and brass, and doesn't fit our current fireplace), but fine for boxes and suitcases and the odd bit of wood.

I'm still not sure why the car entry keypads are so awkward to use through a car window.
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