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  • Mon, 16:48: Hello, is that a new logo for PowerApps in line with the new PowerBI logo?
  • Mon, 17:00: A rather excellent new PowerBI feature: mapping visualizations to a Visio diagram. #MSDataSummit
  • Mon, 17:19: RT @MooseAllain: When the Reverend Spooner first invented the internet everyone scored porn on the idea.
  • Mon, 21:35: I guess Theresa May will get the ex-Tory MPs jobs in the City. That'll give them a year or so to find something else or move to Frankfurt.
  • Mon, 22:31: Recent Reads: A Tyranny Of Queens. Foz Meadows' tale of worldwalkers takes a surprising turn into wider worlds. It's time to leave home.
  • Mon, 22:42: Anyone else on Fast Ring Office and Windows seeing search issues in Office; especially Outlook?
  • Tue, 06:24: Popped into the downtown Seattle Barnes and Noble to find @brendacooper's new book. Always good to read her fiction!
  • Tue, 06:42: RT @nickmcquire: Top @marypcbuk piece on #Windows10 & changes to IT & PC ops. Here's our survey she cites @PerLarsen1975 @young_robbo https…
Tags: #msdatasummit, #windows10, twitter
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