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  • Mon, 21:45: Criminal Minds: Greyhawk. A team of paladins hunting down wandering adventurers. "An orc. Killed with the same sword again. It's them."
  • Mon, 21:51: Recent Reads: Kris Longknife Defiant. Mike Shepherd's milSF puts up a brave defense of home. Small boats vs battleships in a war of worlds.
  • Mon, 22:00: RT @tomgauld: For @newscientist -
  • Mon, 22:03: New for the Fall season on NBC: Criminal Minds: Millennial. After all, they're killing everything!
  • Mon, 22:11: RT @RobGMacfarlane: Anthropocene metonym: a hermit crab on Henderson Island making its home not in a shell but an Avon cosmetics jar. htt…
  • Mon, 23:10: Dug out the old Megatripolis triple CD set. Some rather fine music on there.
  • Tue, 01:19: @nerdpyle Someday I must show you the most unusual Aliens tie-in in my book collection. It's ostensibly a kids science book about ants.
  • Tue, 02:09: Writing while listening to the exquisite Caspar Pound mix of Union Jack's Two Full Moons And A Trout. Epic trance.
  • Tue, 02:42: It has been a long time since I have listened to this. It remains excellent. #NowPlaying Ultravox Quartet
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