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My tweets

  • Tue, 09:27: Not quite sure if I like the new "Current" view in the latest Outlook 2016 builds. I think it could grow on me; more context is good.
  • Tue, 09:49: So Google Home in the UK is cheaper than Echo, which makes sense. But it's much more expensive than Dot, which it's closer to.
  • Tue, 09:56: Just seen that Daily Mail cover image. What on earth were they thinking? And they blew the bounding box on it, too?!
  • Tue, 11:29: RT @ZDNet: Building my own Internet of Things ambient experience, one step at a time https://t.co/jo06YAXaiG by @sbisson
  • Tue, 11:44: No aurora on last night's GoPro timelapse. It got misty really fast. Still, lots of trains...
  • Tue, 11:46: <gives up on new Outlook view> Turns out it broke my Quick Steps-based filing workflow. I couldn't file individual messages in a thread.