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  • Mon, 13:11: So "Use Windows Store Apps" is a developer feature. Which makes sense; testing apps to ensure they work on Windows 10 Cloud.
  • Mon, 16:55: Mmm. Shooop.
  • Mon, 18:22: So we lose the right to live and work in Europe so that multinationals can obfuscate food labels? Wow, what a deal.
  • Mon, 19:08: The resurrection of a classic British computer on Indiegogo? Well, that's the kiss of death then...
  • Mon, 19:23: Flipping my desktop from RP to Fast. I think it's time. I'm still not ready to take my SurfaceBook to it, though...
  • Mon, 21:58: Once you have enough thrust, going anywhere is just a matter of time and trajectory.
  • Mon, 22:01: So I guess we can call the new IoT threat RansomBear?
  • Mon, 22:02: Time for everyone to sit down with an orbital mechanics textbook and learn about dV.
  • Tue, 09:35: RT @Raspberry_Pi: New product! The brand-new Raspberry Pi Zero W has wireless LAN and Bluetooth for only $10. http…
  • Tue, 10:45: I think today is a writing about Office 365 kind of day. Something to Delve deeply into, really.
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