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  • Tue, 22:13: Skype Preview uses a BlackBerry-style splat for notifications. Flashback time.
  • Tue, 23:52: RT @kclemson: Allow me to take a break for a moment to tweet about work for a change.
  • Tue, 23:56: RT @eliotpeper: Let's not let our country turn into an actual dystopia. They're more fun to read about than live in.
  • Wed, 07:39: Oh crap.
  • Wed, 08:02: Step back from false equivalences, from "balance". This should be about facts, nothing else. The world is broken, it is up to us to fix it.
  • Wed, 10:21: Yeah, this.
  • Wed, 11:34: Switching to the new Skype as my default IM platform.
  • Wed, 11:52: (Finding 2016 almost as depressing as 2003 was. Though for very different reasons.)
  • Wed, 13:02: Oooh. My custom in-ear monitors have arrived.
  • Wed, 15:09: Is there a known issue with Surface Book and O2 WiFi? This is the second time I've had to fake up a DHCP lease to get connected.
  • Wed, 15:19: The fundamental problem lies in Wall Street, and in "run the company for shareholder value". Until you end that, you won't get change.
  • Wed, 15:41: The Lucifer binge watch will continue.
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