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My head hurts...

A link on Charlie's blog took me to this paper. It's really mind blowing stuff, re-evaluating Freeman Dyson's (and by extension Frank Tipler's Physics of Immortality) work in the light of recent astrophysical and cosmological observations.

I'm still not sure what sort of life would persist in the ultimate, but still, where there's life there's hope...

...and story ideas...

"Valna was the sword, I was the shield. We fell screaming through time, from the cold dark to the warm bright. We fell screaming to the young universe, to the home of the ancestral minds. Carrying the seeds of a different tomorrow, we left the eternal dying."

Another fragment that'll someday become something. Two asteroid sized intelligences from the far far future falling through a wormhole, falling billions of years (and light years), carrying the seeds of a transcendent post human future. Unfortunately they arrive late (or is it early?), to find that the initial Vingean singularity happened 250 Kyear back, and they're not as all powerful as they thought they would be.

The result? A war between gods at slower than light speeds, with just newly post-humans from one of the back-up worlds caught up in the fringes while still coming to terms with the way things are away from their carefully sheltered world and its cycles of regular managed catastrophes that have kept them at a roughly 20th century technology level for the last 200 Kyear or so...
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