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  • Wed, 23:56: RT @sturdyAlex: One of the most decent Tory MPs, Sarah Wollaston, defects from #voteleave to #remain. All should read her reasons. https:…
  • Thu, 00:35: RT @warrenellis: ‘Apollo 13’ Filmmakers Reunite For Neal Stephenson Sci-Fi Novel ‘Seveneves’ | Deadline
  • Thu, 09:07: Processing post-storm sunset/moonset timelapse for last night. Quite spectacular skies!
  • Thu, 09:14: Advantage of third person singular "they": it takes up less space than "he or she" Ditto "their" and "his or hers". Inclusive and economic!
  • Thu, 09:47: A very Putney sunset and moonset.
  • Thu, 10:42: Think I've found a good set of exposures and timings for sunset timelapses. Now waiting for the arrival of a GoPro extended battery pack.
  • Thu, 10:45: You don't actually notice the effects of app gaps until you switch tech ecosystems. Then you see it both ways.
  • Thu, 11:07: RT @stuheritage: It’s #NationalFreelancersDay! Let’s all go and get drunk! Does anyone know any pubs that accept exposure as currency?
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