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I was really looking forward to the flight to Jersey, when...

...I got to the airport.

Damn, damn, damn. We were meant to be back on Jersey at one of my oldest friend's wedding this weekend. Unfortunately two air traffic control system crashes (one in the UK and one in Brussels) have put paid to all that...

In the time it took to drive from Putney to Gatwick they cancelled all the rest of the flights to Jersey for the rest of the day, with no seats left on any plane I could rebook us on until after we were due to fly back to the UK. I couldn't even get on a flight with another airline, and the boat was full, too...

I know the situation was bad for the airline, but I did expect something a bit better in the way of customer service - a larger aircraft on tomorrow morning's flights perhaps, or at least someone a bit more helpful and polite on the end of the phone. At least the hire car company and the hotel in Jersey were a lot more helpful - but then they were the people who were realy customer facing, not someone in a call centre the other end of the country...

So I have to miss the wedding, and seeing old friends I haven't seen for years. It was really difficult apologising to my friend, telling him that we wouldn't be there. And I won't get to see my family, either...

Well, at least marypcb is safely home from her trip to California. And Guru Express are on their way with a delivery Indian...
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