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  • Tue, 19:10: RT @dscammell: This plug-In puts Google Drive inside Microsoft Office.
  • Tue, 19:32: Sat in a San Jose garden writing about Electron. Anyone using it for their apps?
  • Tue, 19:58: (It's a story. Anything can happen in fiction, even stuff you don't like.)
  • Tue, 20:01: Writing a weekly New Development column means every week I sit here going "Developers today have it easy. Back in my day we (insert rant)."
  • Tue, 20:05: I mean. Jenkins vs hand-built build scripts. LVVM/clang vs gcc. Electron vs well, anything. Slack vs AIM. Visual Studio vs Visual Studio.
  • Tue, 20:27: RT @blowdart: I am delighted and scared to announce a bug bounty for .NET Core and
  • Tue, 20:43: What are the squirrels up to?
  • Wed, 00:57: Replacement lens is here. Seems quieter and faster than the one that died.
  • Wed, 07:47: What I want to know is, what happens to the Original Marty in the Lone Pine Mall universe? He gets in a DeLorean and vanishes…
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