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  • Wed, 16:28: The big problem with meritocracy is who gets to define what merit is.
  • Wed, 16:30: Pattern computing is an interesting approach. Will need a lot of work to build tooling and (hah!) design patterns. #FiReCon2015
  • Wed, 16:39: Biomemetic programming: it's like Actor/Message, but where messages become a problem domain specific language. #FiReCon2015
  • Wed, 16:45: Argh. Hit by the "Your device is offline" Windows 10 login bug on hotel wifi. Luckily @marypcbuk set up a shared wireless connection for me.
  • Wed, 16:54: The man behind The Noirm
  • Wed, 17:12: Taking longer than I'd like to adjust to the altitude here in Park City. 8200' and a cold don't mix well.
  • Wed, 17:59: RT @ramez: In case you missed it, we now have more than a quarter MILLION signatures for a revenue-neutral carbon tax in WA.
  • Wed, 18:04: Multi-jet fusion 3D printing in HP labs. 20 micron resolution per voxel,. will revolutionise 3D printing. #FiReCon2015
  • Wed, 18:04: RT @marypcbuk: HP's multi-jet fusion will make 3D printing far more functional but we'll have to teach people how to do good design themsel…
  • Wed, 18:16: @WindowsCentral @WinObs Special Edition? So they make it so that Han Shot second?
  • Wed, 18:32: RT @marypcbuk: Nantero says their carbon fibre nanotube based high density memory (inc DDR4 compat) will be in products in the 'near future…
  • Wed, 18:32: RT @marypcbuk: all discussions of IP in 3D printers make me think of hacking the Gotti maker in @warrenellis Transmetropolitan #firecon2015
  • Wed, 18:55: Driving across the Bonneville Salt Flats yesterday, it had rained and there was a layer of water across the desert:
  • Wed, 18:57: No haze and fantastic reflections of the mountains in the still salt waters:
  • Wed, 19:02: Desert sunset, somewhere in central Nevada. We pulled off I80 between Battle Mountain and Elko for this sky:
  • Wed, 19:06: RT @marypcbuk: the challenge of the unicorns is it's sucking money away from deep science innovation = a diversity breakdown Douglas Jamiso…
  • Wed, 21:16: From outside the US it seems that running for President is the new book tour. Is there no one running without a book to sell?
  • Wed, 22:09: At that moment the hummingbird saw another enter its territory. There was hate in its beady little eyes:
  • Wed, 22:12: 100Gbps networks. Larry Smarr on data freeways. #FiReCon2015
  • Wed, 22:19: "To make things so other people can make things." I like this articulation of Microsoft's vision.
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