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  • Sun, 15:24: So after reading through the sub-standard Puppy Hugo nominations, it seems I was not alone in my opinion of them.
  • Sun, 15:53: So a novel published by Tor winning the best novel Hugo breaks the Tor monopoly of the Hugos. No. Some times I just can't even...
  • Sun, 17:10: I have been trained that screens are touchable, the extent that I find older laptops almost unusable.
  • Sun, 17:14: RT @Interior: On Tuesday entrance fees for all national parks will be waived. RT to spread the word!
  • Sun, 17:16: OK, let's try TH2 on this X300. #Putting10OnOldLaptops
  • Sun, 17:17: Early Orb remix collection time: Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty. Taking the Ultraworld everywhere...
  • Sun, 17:19: And the second of @LindaNagata's Red books arrives. Huzzah for Amazon Lockers!
  • Sun, 17:32: Bentham, The Cat Of Marginal Utility is a sad Maine Coon. He is No Awarding the entire world.
  • Sun, 17:41: It's elderberry time in next door's garden. This is more amusing than in previous years, as the feral parakeets have found them.
  • Sun, 17:48: RT @ramez: #Sasquan - If you're awake, head to the Business Meeting in 300B. Vote for EPH / e Plurubus Hugo, to make the Hugos harder to ga…
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