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  • Thu, 12:22: 50-9? Did Australia actually send a cricket team to the UK or is everyone off earning millions in the IPL?
  • Thu, 12:29: Wondering how a Live Tile for Mint ended up on my Surface 3, without me ever installing the app...
  • Thu, 13:18: RT @infoworld: How to use MQTT for #IoT messaging, by @sbisson -
  • Thu, 14:48: RT @RandallGrahm: We have 441 funders of our crowd-funding initiative to date; there's room for you. #10000grapes #popelouchum
  • Thu, 15:19: Flying Ant Day is so much less annoying than Flying Chinook Day.
  • Thu, 21:22: Xbox One digital tuner installed. 136 channels and nothing on. Also: I really need to tidy up our media cupboard cabling.
  • Thu, 21:26: Recent Reads: Dave vs The Monsters - Emergence. John Birmingham in the driving seat of a FPS. Except the hero isn`t at all heroic. Axe time!
  • Thu, 21:35: Anyone else seeing errors in mailbox unread counts in the latest (1011) build of Outlook 2016?
  • Thu, 21:41: Got a Klout perk offering me the Red Bull magazine. What I really want is a Klout perk that would let me unsubscribe from Red Bull magazine.
  • Thu, 22:05: (i want to run/i want to hide/i want to tear down the walls/that hold me inside/i want to reach out/and touch the flame)
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