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  • Wed, 13:12: Desktop PC rebuild in process. Should be back with core apps in an hour or so.
  • Wed, 13:45: Trying out the Windows 10 release of Sharemouse: Version 3 beta now available for download (the V2 built-in beta check is not finding it)
  • Wed, 14:16: Not sure where the "Cortana doesn't work on domain joined PCs" comes from, because it's still working just fine here...
  • Wed, 14:38: Tip: If you've done a refresh install of Windows 10 and store apps aren't getting licenses, remove the device from the store and then retry.
  • Wed, 15:07: @marypcbukI think it was one of your sections! @jackschofield
  • Wed, 18:42: Still not getting Windows Spotlight on my desktop :-(
  • Wed, 20:00: Something quite endearing about Japanese daleks....
  • Wed, 20:49: 4% chance of rain? 100% chance of hail more like.
  • Wed, 20:54: Home to Pro update in Windows 10 just needs a product key. Enter, it downloads/unpacks the bits, and reboots upgraded.
  • Wed, 20:58: @bdsams If you want the full rez images, let me know...
  • Wed, 20:59: Hmm. So it's Pro that takes away Windows Spotlight :-( Need my changing start screens!
  • Wed, 21:19: The Data Visualization Guru illuminates information through the integration of art and technical acumen:
  • Wed, 21:45: I think this is my favourite song at the moment. Yes, I am a sucker for a soppy lyric:
  • Wed, 22:33: Recent Reads: Deep Time. Ian Douglas' Star Carrier follows an alien ship into the far far future. War across the aeons and the universes.
  • Wed, 22:43: Logged in with Hello face recognition for the first time. Well, that was easy.
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