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  • Wed, 12:46: Recent Reads: The Walls Of The Universe. Paul Melko's parallel worlds tale hops from Ohio to Ohio, bearing pinball. Beware the time police!
  • Wed, 14:01: Office temperature is 84C. I am thinking it might be time to call Prrotocol Coffee Shop AirCon.
  • Wed, 14:07: RT @mattround: Can we somehow fool politicians into thinking UK-wide superfast broadband is a transport project in SE England so it gets 10…
  • Wed, 14:09: Toque wearing is no longer mandatory in London due to excessive temperatures. #HappyCanadaDay
  • Wed, 15:30: Hmm. Windows 10 10159 is not recognising Outlook 2016 Preview as the default mail client.
  • Wed, 15:42: RT @BreakingNewsUK: July heat record set at London's Heathrow airport with 36.7 Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit) reading, Met Office says - @PA ht…
  • Wed, 15:43: Not the best service: @02 wifi in @CostaCoffee is taking 30 minutes to send log on codes.
  • Wed, 15:51: Canada deserves a day for poutine alone. That magical mix of chips, gravy, and cheese. A dish made for the Oxford comma.
  • Wed, 15:59: Anyone seen a fix for the Outlook 2016/Windows 10 "no messaging client" bug?
  • Wed, 16:02: RT @BButlerNWW: Docker, the container company with a whale of a logo, “adopted” a real whale by @BButlerNWW http://t…
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