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  • Thu, 18:38: RT @CoreySandersWA: Folks are loving the new template language for IaaS. Make sure to check out the deep dive: 12:30 Friday. #Build2015: ht…
  • Thu, 18:45: Monument Valley for WIndows? #Build2015
  • Thu, 22:23: RT @infoworld: Function junction: An introduction to #AWS Lambda, by @sbisson -
  • Thu, 22:27: RT @timanderson: Microsoft is compiling Windows for x86, x64, ARM 32 and "a new processor coming out this fall" #Build2015
  • Fri, 05:12: An evening spent building HoloLens apps in Unity. Surprisingly.easy.
  • Fri, 06:54: Autocorrect recognises that HoloLens is all about the VR. It’s just a little cruel, correcting it to “Hollowness”.
  • Fri, 06:55: Sadly didn’t make it to the BUILD blogger bash. Didn’t get out of our HoloLens deep dive until after 8, and then had to go write about it...
  • Fri, 06:59: Hal-an-Tow, jolly rumbelow We were up long before the day-o To welcome in the summertime To welcome in the May-o
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