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  • Sun, 12:02: Hello. Sunday morning and a new build of Office 2016. This time it's 16.0.3930.1004. That's just a week since the last push...
  • Sun, 12:09: (Not entirely sure i like the way Office 16 silently updates on startup. Currently looks like a frozen Outlook boot...)
  • Sun, 12:10: RT @MaxCRoser: How far does the #London Underground travel each day? Via:
  • Sun, 12:19: New glasses showing me just how knackered my old lenses were. Suddenly my left eye isn't straining to do the work of two.
  • Sun, 12:20: "Yes, No, Don't Know". I really want a "Meh, Don't Care" option in surveys.
  • Sun, 12:48: Nto finding any significant changes in today's Office 2016 update. Outlook seems sprightlier at least...
  • Sun, 13:27: RT @MarkXA: So tempted to buy a catering pack of googly eyes and go round sticking them to all the election posters. Would cheer the place …
  • Sun, 16:43: New Office 2016 build seems to no longer have the "pauses" in Outlook. Bug fixes?
  • Sun, 17:08: RT @PaulGAllen: .@Microsoft gave me custom keyboards for new @surface 3 w/ @Seahawks theme, maybe should make more? (thx Panay/Elop) http:/…
  • Sun, 19:38: Recent Reads: Wolfhound Century. Peter Higgins’ metropolitan fantasy is a Russia built on fallen angels, while forests take back a future.
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