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  • Mon, 14:55: (heads down finishing a big IoT feature)
  • Mon, 15:12: Watching The (Hovering) Watchers
  • Mon, 16:45: (it occurs to me that George Michael singing Belle and Sebastian, Hue and Cry, and Everything But The Girl would be an excellent album)
  • Mon, 16:46: Such good music. The 1960s channeled through the 2010s.
  • Mon, 16:49: Welcome To The League Of The Odd. Motto: "We can't even".
  • Mon, 17:51: RT @the_pc_doc: Sorry PR folks, but if I responded to every PR email I got (even with just a 'no thanks') that would then be my full-time j…
  • Mon, 18:07: (TTIP petition at the door. Chap most surprised that I knew what he was talking about...)
  • Mon, 18:12: Remember that you're all part of the Legion Of The Odd. Because there's going to be something on the internet you can't even.
  • Mon, 19:29: "Rewritten by machine on new technology." The Buggles predict the cloud...
  • Mon, 19:30: ("Pictures came and broke your heart, put the blame on node.js")
  • Mon, 20:37: So Taco Bell is like living in a YA dystopia? OK. The Restaurant Wars have begun. Be well citizen. Mellow greetings.
  • Mon, 21:00: If I were rigging the Hugos, Brenda Cooper would be a multiple winner, as would Max Gladstone. And Walter Jon Williams would have a shelf.
  • Mon, 21:33: OK, less than 500 words to go on this big feature. Heads down and I get dinner...
  • Tue, 10:42: Why can't I type "infrastrucuture"? Aaaaaargh!
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