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  • Thu, 16:32: And here's this week's @infoworld column, on working with Apache Cordova (with Adobe PhoneGap and Visual Studio):
  • Thu, 16:41: High energy carbon impacts on Mercury: a planet covered in black industrial diamond. Nice SFnal ideas coming from Radio 4 this afternoon.
  • Thu, 16:45: ZDNet blog post: Is Microsoft backtracking on tracking? #zdnet
  • Thu, 16:49: Realised what the headline on my Nano Server piece should have been: Defenstrating Windows.
  • Thu, 16:54: RT @marypcbuk: My monster Office 2016 review - covers the previews for Windows, Mac and Windows 10 touch devices
  • Thu, 17:03: RT @marypcbuk: Box went out and bought the equivalent of Office Online for (very nice document previews, Dropbox now just tags along with O…
  • Thu, 17:17: RT @ericlaw: @marypcbuk the problem with P3P wasn't that sites didn't support. It's that they actively committed fraud and regulators shrug…
  • Thu, 17:27: Interesting. If The Martian is ineligible for the Hugos, then this 2013 self-published story should be too.
  • Thu, 18:43: RT @benriga: web dev and heading to //build/? Let me know if you have a few minutes to meet up in SF and chat about Spartan.. #bldwin
  • Thu, 18:45: Best email header of the day has to be "Urgent: bees"
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