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  • Wed, 19:42: RT @marypcbuk: So about that not generally putting out builds on Mondays and Fridays thing...
  • Wed, 19:45: RT @DocumentDB: { "news": "We've GA'd!", "uri": "", "date": { "dte": "4/8/2015 08:00", "epoch": 1428505200 } }
  • Wed, 19:46: That was odd. Why on earth has Yahoo! refunded last year's Flickr fees to a dead credit card via Paypal?
  • Wed, 19:51: Just look at my Librarything catalog to see why as a reader I find the idea of slate voting the Hugos anathema.
  • Wed, 19:54: @jsnover Looks like Nano Server is designed for DSC and JEA? Will there be SCO and SCVMM management endpoints too?
  • Wed, 20:06: Tweet quotes now working in Tweetdeck desktop.
  • Wed, 20:15: Oh that's sneaky. To use the new Quoted Tweets function you have to be using Twitter's own URL shortener. Not good for and the like.
  • Wed, 20:24: Diverse emoji in OS X: 👲🏾 Yay! How about for Windows and the rest of the OS world?
  • Wed, 20:54: RT @flargh: I miss HyperCard.
  • Wed, 21:04: "I think the Sad Puppies have broken the Hugo Awards, and I am not sure they can ever be repaired." George RR Martin:
  • Wed, 21:48: What's going on at @flickr? I'm not the only one who got a refund of a pro account this evening. Anyone know anything?
  • Thu, 00:07: RT @stevesilberman: For Deadheads only: Note the names of the official flight paths out of SFO. We are everywhere! [via @alexqgb] http://t.…
  • Thu, 11:56: (Having thoughts about Windows Nano Server and writing them up.)
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