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  • Mon, 20:50: RT @longzheng: Hyperlapse video of that amazing gondola ride in the Swiss alps #Matterhorn #zermatt
  • Mon, 21:18: (666 words. That's a beast of an article right there.)
  • Mon, 21:46: How could I survive without tea?
  • Mon, 21:55: RT @JustRogDigiTec: 51 Types Removed, 71 Types Added, 391 APIs Removed, 159 APIs Added, #MSHTML vs #EdgeHTML Need a better update outlet/me…
  • Mon, 22:07: What`s the V8 ES6 story? I'm looking in all the wrong places, I'm sure...
  • Mon, 23:03: (roll on the download...)
  • Mon, 23:08: (The truly modern journalist can write a 1000 words on a browser release while cooking a gourmet dinner for two. Just sayin')
  • Mon, 23:09: RT @alex: Today's new cycle brought to you by the number 47. Wait, no, 49.
  • Mon, 23:36: RT @cstross: I think we made a big mistake 300 years ago. And named it the "limited liability corporation". Sociopathic AIs that live among…
  • Tue, 00:09: RT @dstorey: CSS Filters are also behind a flag in today’s Project Spartan flight.
  • Tue, 11:09: You know it's a windy day when you watch the A380s wobbling across the West London sky...
  • Tue, 11:30: I took Project Spartan for a spin for @infoworld. Meet Microsoft's new browser, it's looking good.
  • Tue, 11:31: (Also, I stay up late so you don't have to. Please send coffee.)
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