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  • Wed, 12:14: Parcel tape seems to get thinner and thinner with each roll...
  • Wed, 12:29: So here we go; trying Windows 10 OS compression on a 64GB Surface Pro 2.
  • Wed, 12:31: Between that and cleaning up Windows.Old I should be getting nearly 40GB back. Not bad.
  • Wed, 12:35: Email sent to "Simon Bisson", body starts "Dear Sam", Aaaaargh....
  • Wed, 12:36: One eye, two ravens, and a cloud scale virtualisation platform. Parallels rebrands as Odin.
  • Wed, 13:09: (34GB free of 53GB. Not too shabby, seeing as my working set of files and OneNotes are synced)
  • Wed, 14:08: (reading the findings of the BBC enquiry, it's clear that there's no way Clarkson could have kept his job.)
  • Wed, 14:15: So MPS are getting kit that by default sends information to US-hosted servers? Whoa!
  • Wed, 16:12: RT @brandonleblanc: Halo 5 backgrounds for your devices! w00t!
  • Wed, 16:20: RT @marypcbuk: Excellent news that Chromium is considering implementing Pointer Events. Now web devs need to put pressure on Apple to do th…
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