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  • Wed, 12:29: Somewhat epic: Catalyst's 21 minute long The Chamber. But what would you expect from Platipus Records?
  • Wed, 12:33: Now this is how you should do a music site. Platipus Records has Soundcloud embeds of full tracks for each release.
  • Wed, 12:38: RT @ian_sales: ICYMI - here's an excerpt from Apollo Qt 4 All That Outer Space Allows. Out soon(ish). Honest.
  • Wed, 13:35: There is no interest to pay tax on..
  • Wed, 13:41: Think I'll stick with the old annual return though. Freelance income/expenses need to be annualised, not real time.
  • Wed, 15:01: Red Tide
  • Wed, 15:31: I am definitely middle class: all my post today is from Waitrose.
  • Wed, 16:43: "Please share a great story and photo of a sailor from your area." I see Putney is now in Somerville, Ma. Am I getting @thurrott's PR email?
  • Wed, 16:53: Software names that don't even: Pimpfish Basic.
  • Wed, 18:54: (Me putting in earplugs because the band is too loud is not me censoring them. Note: this is an analogy, my neighbour is a rock god.)
  • Wed, 20:56: RT @darkgrayknight: @marypcbuk @h0x0d Here you go
  • Wed, 21:07: RT @marypcbuk: So the new Windows 10 logon (Hello) is the Skype interface language. Circles are the new flat design?
  • Wed, 21:24: RT @edbott: If you installed Windows 10 10041 and the Mail/People/Calendar apps are broken, the PowerShell fix is here:
  • Wed, 21:27: (Thai food ordered)
  • Wed, 21:38: RT @ChannelArchive: Some more Benest's of Millbrook ads now and renewed vigour is squarely on the Major's mind, as 1989 approached... https…
  • Wed, 21:41: Lat RT? Benest of Millbrook was where we used to do our shopping when I was small(ish).
  • Wed, 21:45: So, where's Halo: Spartan Strike hiding? I'm figuring we're now past "early 2015".
  • Thu, 11:53: Yesterday I was thinking about desktop and mobile OSes. Today I am thinking about OS at a datacenter scale.
  • Thu, 11:54: (should you be discussing your firewall architecture in a coffeeshop?)
  • Thu, 11:55: (I really don't think I need to know your VPN passwords and addresses)
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