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  • Mon, 14:27: ZDNet blog post: Hands on with the AOC E1759fwu USB 3 monitor #zdnet
  • Mon, 17:40: Ah, @bfootcampbell, my office away from office...
  • Mon, 17:58: "Talk to the hand! My hand, not yours..."
  • Mon, 18:02: I do have to admit I was pretty much anti-smartwatch until I got my Band. My main use case? Not having to always look at my phone.
  • Mon, 18:15: Apple Watch will need something like Windows Phone's Notification Center to control notification stream to the device. I use it to filter.
  • Mon, 18:16: (disrupted)
  • Mon, 18:17: But I still don't see smartwatches as having the same emotional resonance as wearing my father's Omega has...
  • Mon, 18:30: So I see the price "leaks" were pretty much spot on.
  • Mon, 18:31: I guess Force Touch is "This isn't the smartwartch you can afford."
  • Mon, 18:35: I still think OLED is a bad idea in a watch. Display life is going to be a significant issue - you're looking at burn-in and fade over 5 yrs
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