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  • Sun, 16:22: Recent Rereads: Spock’s World. Diane Duane blends Vulcan’s past, present, and future in possibly the best Trek novel. What made Spock Spock.
  • Sun, 16:24: Binge watching Bosch. LA Noir updated, in dramatisation of the Michael Connelly novels.
  • Sun, 16:26: RT @marypcbuk: Big reason Ikea will do Qi wireless charging furniture and lights; they watch what Ikea hackers make& produce products from …
  • Sun, 20:02: Spring is here; the blossoms are finally making their appearance.
  • Sun, 20:03: Even the cranes are sharing their modern blossoms.
  • Sun, 20:20: That new Google campus: anyone else think it's straight out of Bruce Sterling's Heavy Weather?
  • Sun, 20:22: (Life is increasingly turning into a series of 1990's near-future SF novels.)
  • Mon, 08:41: At the @scottgu event. Crowded. Azure definitely popular.
  • Mon, 10:10: RT @DrPizza: With Google spinning Photos out of Google+, maybe they should rename it. Something like "Picasa" sounds good to me.
  • Mon, 10:26: "I expect to see pretty much over time every large country getting an Azure region. The UK is a large country." @scottgu on UK datacenters.
  • Mon, 11:30: Lots of neat IoT features coming to Azure: Event Hub plus Stream Analytics plus Machine Learning. Bring them all together and customise.
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