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Toys for our times: DAB in the pocket.

A note from our sponsors:

If the office network connection is too clogged with folk pulling in RealMedia streams while trying to listen to the warporn on Radio 5 Live, why not invest in a pocket DAB radio for your 6 Music fix?

My Perstel DR101 arrived over the weekend. Once I'd replaced the headphones, which were awful, with a decent set of Sony Fontopias, it rapidly became one of those "carry everywhere" pieces of superfluous technology. Smaller than a walkman, and really, really good reception - even on the train. I'm going to try using it via the iRock for in-car DAB...

(I still have to avoid thinking of fresh fillets of small flatfish fried lightly in butter and served with lemon juice and fesh cut flat parsley, everytime I read the acronym for digital radio...)
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