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  • Tue, 13:20: Visa: renewed. Also, too late I discover you can take phones into the U.S. Embassy again...
  • Tue, 13:32: RT @thurrott: Surface Hub (Modern) app updated - you can now toggle the Windows button on SP3 -
  • Tue, 13:57: Aaargh! I have only just realised that ACT was Propaganda doing an ABC. Absolutely immune to the Anne Dudley work!
  • Tue, 14:01: Smartwatch 1998 meet smartwatch 2014.
  • Tue, 14:03: Draw the short straw in the US Visa queues today; two long and complicated failed interviews in front of me. (1/2)
  • Tue, 14:07: RT @windowscentral: HERE update brings account migration, makes Drive+ and Transit free for Windows Phone 8 http://t…
  • Tue, 15:21: (Come tomorrow, the dream might blow away/Guilt and sorrow, the price you have to pay/Snobbery and decay/Snobbery and decay)
  • Tue, 15:27: RT @GabeAul: (2/4) We have a security update going out today, and the installer fails on 9879 if Office is installed.
  • Tue, 15:27: RT @GabeAul: (3/4) Rather than rolling a new fix (losing several days in the process) we’re going to publish it as is.
  • Tue, 15:27: RT @GabeAul: (4/4) The workaround is painful: uninstall Office, install the hotfix, reinstall Office. Sorry. We’re working hard to fix.
  • Wed, 11:31: I guess the 787 has finally arrived: a line of them on their way into LHR on @flightradar24: BA, Air India, Air Canada,
  • Wed, 11:56: Music disk is getting "clicky". Hope this copy to a new drive works...
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