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  • Wed, 13:14: Managed to oversleep horribly today. Still, hope that's knocked the jetlag on the head.
  • Wed, 14:01: Is it any wonder sexism is ingrained in society when media deinies agency, and even denies collaboration? We need to change things now.
  • Wed, 14:03: Now the press release I just got from CA is more the sort of thing we need tech companies to do, celebrating diversity.
  • Wed, 14:11: So the real story is that YouTube's comment takedown procedure is utterly broken? Just like YouTube comments, really.
  • Wed, 14:23: Vaccuumed the office server. That seems a little quieter.
  • Wed, 15:09: RT @petergothard: Please welcome the bigger, better, glossier @Computing_News print edition. Now with added spine (look, it stands!) http:/…
  • Wed, 15:13: RT @RozKaveney: Sometimes choice means choosing between bad available alternatives. Least bad is not the same as best.
  • Wed, 15:15: Even if someone doesn't use a hashtag in hate speech, it doesn't mean they're not enabled by the atmosphere it engenders.
  • Wed, 15:16: By making something awful seem everday, you're just making it easier for the really vile people out there to act on their fantasies.
  • Wed, 15:37: RT @maryjofoley: @marypcbuk @GaborFari @h0x0d The picoprocess part of Drawbridge is in Windows already, as Walking Cat found:
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