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  • Sun, 17:18: Starting the drive north today. Aiming for Roseburg OR.
  • Sun, 17:21: RT @GondorPost: Strict schools chief tells the Gondor Post about the stringency of new testing: “For those who do not study, you shall not …
  • Sun, 18:45: Experimenting with my new $90 dronecam: First Flight
  • Sun, 18:57: HP to spin off Compaq :-)
  • Sun, 18:57: And I guess the other half is DEC.
  • Sun, 18:59: HP to split into Compaq and DEC. :-)
  • Sun, 19:01: RT @DrPizza: "HP to split into two. Loser gets Autonomy."
  • Mon, 07:04: Long drive from San Jose to Roseburg. But a fried chicken dinner hit the spot.
  • Mon, 07:09: Empty motel. Cue high-pitched strings on the soundtrack.
  • Mon, 07:10: (Hmm. Look like I hit a nerve with a joke tweet from earlier.)
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