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  • Sun, 12:45: Updating ESTA. Needs a UX engineer to give the process a once over...
  • Sun, 14:35: Recent Reads: The Moon Maze Game. Niven and Barnes enliven a lunar Wells LARP with revolution and kidnap. More Dreampark fun.
  • Sun, 17:20: Now, if you want a Shuttle through the clouds pic, here's one I took: Full Stack (at 20 miles)
  • Sun, 17:22: RT @devincf: Haha, this sums up the tweets you get from #gamergate people.
  • Sun, 18:32: So when does season 2 of The Backlist start? Cliff hung.
  • Sun, 20:34: Apple U2 advert: I'm fascinated by Bono's disappearing guitar. Where does it go?
  • Mon, 09:18: Courier pickup window 0700 to 1900. Something a bit more specific would be nice.
  • Mon, 09:24: I think I might start shouting at this radio programme about alternate history and counter-factuals.
  • Mon, 10:05: Heh. Just like @tomwarren I've won Placido Domingo tickets I can't use :-(
  • Mon, 10:08: Hour 4 has begun. Still no movement on the Putney streets. #CourierWatch
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